Going to university is a big life change. It’s completely different to school or college and the experiences you’ll gain from university are the ones that will carry you through to adult life! So making sure you choose the right course and the right university is essential for enjoying what will be the best three or four years of your life.

Do Your Research


Make sure you know what course you want to do. If you have decided then ask yourself if you can see yourself doing it for the rest of your life. Work makes up a 1/3 of our lives, so make sure it’s something you want.



I cannot stress this enough. Do not stay home when you go to university. The major part of university is actually going away to experience life on your own and become independent. You’re not going to get the same experience if you stay at home and continue to have food cooked for you, not paying rent and your mum still does your washing. I’ve spoken to a few people who stayed at home whilst at university and they regret it!

Save Up Money


If you have a summer job or any type of job before going to university, make sure you save up as much of it as possible. You can use it all in Fresher’s week or actually use it as an emergency fund if you run out of your student loan.

Choose The Right University


Don’t just be lazy and follow the crowd by applying to the universities your friends have applied to. Do your research and take a look at some of the universities are currently high up on the university league tables. Look at what the university has to offer and whether you’d like the area. Also make sure you go to the open days!

If you’re going to university this September, have the most amazing time and make all the memories!


Words – Natalie Redman