Hey guys, this is a quick one but I’m hoping it’s an inspiring one!

For some people, taking risks is terrifying. However, I’ve always enjoyed it and while I don’t take risks for the sake of it, I use my intuition to tell me when to take the plunge! I like how there is so much potential for change and fun!

Here are my top reasons why you should suck it up and JUST DO IT!

  1. It could be the best decision you ever made
  2. If it’s not, you have the peace of mind that you tried
  3. And learnt some lessons along the way
  4. You’ll get good at taking risks! It will become more comfortable and your intuition will be fine tuned to decrease the chance of a bad decision
  5. Consider what is REALLY the worst that could happen
  6. Then compare it to what is the BEST that could happen
  7. You only live once and deserve to explore your true potential
  8. You can’t experience highs without lows and neither of these happen in your comfort zone
  9. You’re more likely to regret what you DIDN’t do
  10. You’ll learn the skill of adaptability: The one most important skill in the current, ever evolving workplace
  11. You’ll only get something you’ve never had by doing what you’ve never done!


Are you a risk taker?
What would you do if you could take the plunge?


Written by Effi Summers