Ready to get toned? 
I’ve written my own Squat Challenge after finding the ones I came across online boring or not challenging enough.
This one’s definitely challenging! But it’s really worked for me. I am much more toned and much less wobbly! Although there were some achy days, so be prepared for that!

Also, I am in no way a qualified personal trainer, I’m just sharing my experience. Everyone is different so if you do take on this challenge please adapt it to suit your needs/ability and contact a professional if you are unsure.


This chart shows you what to do each day. I did 2 sets each day (one in the morning, one in the evening) but like I said, please adapt it to suit you.

Please see the gifs below if you’re unsure of how to perform each type of squat!




After completing it, I am still planning on squatting every day! But I’ll just pick and choose different types/amounts to keep in interesting. If you start to get bored, changing up the location works well in keeping it fresh and fun.

Let me know how you get on… And be prepared to ache, haha!

Happy Squatting