If you don’t know me, I’m one of these people who will never grow up. The inner child just hates the idea of growing up and becoming an adult. So I put together a quiz to celebrate my childhood memories. Be sure to let me know in the comments below what your answers would be!

Favourite Television Show


Art Attack! Good old Neil bringing us DIY arts and crafts. I’m sure he was everyone’s childhood hero but every parent’s nightmare. I wanted to make everything he did, except mine would have probably turned out crap.

Favourite Film

Around the festive season it was The Grinch. It’s a film I’d constantly have on repeat and it’s a must every time the festive season comes round. Anastasia was probably my most watched childhood film. I loved the empowered female character who wasn’t all girly but more tomboyish. I suppose it reflects the sort of personality I had as a child.

Favourite Food


Party Rings were an absolute treat as they weren’t a regular occurrence at home. These would normally be found at parties, so if they were there, you could guarantee I’d grab the lot!

Favourite Game

I always loved a good Cluedo session when I was a kid. The who dunnit scenarios were so much fun and I’ve always been a fan of murder mysteries after spending so much time watching them with my nan.

Favourite Subject


My favourite subject when I was back in school was definitely P.E. I loved playing Netball at school and I was part of the school’s main team. I wish I carried on more sports during college and university. It would have certainly kept the weight off!

Favourite Craze


There were plenty of phases through my childhood of the current craze. My favourite of them all has to be the scoobies. I used to be obsessed with creating all kinds of different colour variations and patterns and all for 50p a pack! Bargain.

Favourite Holiday


Has to be Florida hands down. I was very fortunate to be able to go on a holiday more or less every year. My favourite has to be Florida and if you haven’t been, then GO! My only advice is spend 2-3 weeks there because there’s so much to see and do that you need a lot of time to do it all!

Favourite Clothing


Looking back on it now, this was hardly fashion forward but for some bizarre reason I loved arm warmers. I had some truly weird and wonderful arm warmers, I even had lace corset ones. Yes I was a weird child.

Favourite Past Time


Acting out scenes in my bedroom. Yep, my theatrical passion came at an early age and I loved making up scenes like a weirdo in my bedroom. That would mean having heated discussions with myself and generally worrying my parents.

Favourite Time Of The Year


Summer time definitely. It’s the school holidays and I’d normally get 6 weeks off from school! You don’t get that anymore when you’re an adult…

Let me know in the comments below what your favourites are!


Words- Natalie Redman