Recently I heard it was National Best Friends Day, and then we had a doughnut day. So I decided to do a bit of research and see if I could find some more of these quirky national awareness days. Well, there’s a whole website full of them! I picked out the one’s I thought might interest students the most, enjoy!

June 21: World Music Day

Music factors into many students’ lives. Festivals, concerts, nights out, revision playlists…why not take a day to listen to your favourite tunes and just relax. Or, if you are a musician, spend some time with your instrument and make some music of your own. Maybe try to learn a new song.

June 24: National Kissing Day

If you’re in a relationship, then chances are you do a lot of this anyway. But today you could make it extra special. Make it meaningful. Or just appreciate the fact that you’ve got someone in your life to share kisses with. For those of you who are extra romantic, and love celebrating these kind of days, it’s the perfect chance to have a date night.

June 25: Armed Forces Day

The official Armed Forces Day may be on the 25th, but events to mark this occasion are beginning from as early as 18 June, and continuing up and down the country from then until 7 July. Most events are on the 25th, and some areas are doing more than one event over a few days, or across the weekend. You can check what events are happening near you by visiting:

June 27: National Sunglasses Day

Weather permitting; you’ll be able to get out your best pair of sunglasses for this day. But knowing British weather, the heavens will open and spoil the day with plenty of rain. Ah well, wear them anyway, whatever the weather! It’s only for one day.

July 10: Don’t Step on a Bee Day

I don’t know why anyone would purposely step on a bee, but if you do see one, then chances are they are just resting from all the pollen collecting they do. So step aside and leave it alone. Bees are an important part of the eco-system, and although they might be annoying sometimes, don’t step on them. On any day.

August 7: International Friendship Day

On June 8 we had National Best Friend’s day. A day when we can give some love to our best friend’s. Well, on this day, we can celebrate friendship among you, your best friend, and your other friends. If you find the right people, friendship can be amazing. It’s always great to have someone you can reply on and have fun with. So, if possible, invite your friends together for a meal, or a trip to the cinema. Or, if you’re busy, send them all a quick text telling them how much you value their friendship. If you’ve lost touch with someone, then today is a great reason to drop them a text, tell them you miss them, and arrange to meet up.

August 13: International Left handers Awareness Day

There’s a good reason why the word ‘awareness’ is included in the title of this day. Being left-handed isn’t just a small difference; it can make certain things more difficult. Left-handers make up 10% of the population, and for this reason, we can tend to forget about them. Some gadgets and appliances are designed in ignorance of left-handers, and are fundamentally difficult for a left-hander to use. If you do a bit of research, you’ll be enlightened about the ways left-handedness can affect an individual’s health and mental state. It’s not all bad though, there are some perks too. Apparently they make better artists, are better at sports and are more partial to drinking alcohol. The fact that they have their own day is quite an achievement too. Well done lefties! Righties, why not try using your left hand for the day?

August 19: World Photo Day

Pretty much everyone has access to a camera these days. Chances are you have an Instagram account too. On this day, you could try and document the day with a series of photos in the style of ‘a day in the life’. Or, you could photograph anything that captures your attention. Photo’s make for great memories, so today would be the ideal day to do go somewhere with a friend and make some new memories, capturing them with your trusty camera.

Sept 6: Read a Book Day

Is there a book that’s been on your shelf for ages that you keep saying you’ll get round to reading? Well, if you’ve got the free time, take today to read that book. Set everything else aside, make a cup of tea, nestle down and enjoy the read!

Sept 12-20: National Eczema Week

I’ve included this one because I have eczema. One day I burnt myself under a hot tap, and it slowly progressed into eczema. Luckily, there are plenty of creams available to treat it like E45. If you have it very badly, then go to the doctor and you’ll be prescribed some special cream which will do the job. However, take it from me; make sure you use the cream daily, because it will come back if you don’t.

Oct: 2: World Smile Day

You don’t have to smile all day, but you could make it your mission to smile at a stranger today. You never know, they might smile back.

Oct 12: National Coming Out Day

For anyone still in the closet, this is your day. Coming out takes a lot of courage, and might be daunting at first, but plenty of people know about this day and celebrate it. So whoever you decide to come out to, you have the perfect way in: ‘So…today is National Coming out day, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you that…’ and you finish the sentence. I’m not saying it’s easy, and it doesn’t mean you need to tell everyone, but trust me, even if you just tell a close friend, you’ll feel better for having taken the chance that comes with this day.

Oct 29: National Cat Day

If you have a pet cat then today is the perfect opportunity to spoil him/her. Give extra cuddles; buy some treats or a new toy. Surrender when they want to sit on your lap. You’ll be rewarded with the lovely sound of endless purring.

Nov 17: International Students Day

There are plenty of us, so no wonder we have our own day! I think this day should be dedicated to making the most of being a student while you can. Uni can be difficult and stressful, but being a student has its perks too. Go shopping and take advantage of student discount as much as possible. You won’t have it forever, so use it now and treat yourself.

All of the above were picked from so if you want to find more, that’s where to go!