Primark is a shop people usually either love or hate. People love it for its cheap prices and ability to imitate current trends, however Primark has also had some stick over the years about its dreaded long queues, chaotic shop floors and people have questioned it ethos. I must say over the years I’ve seen some improvements made in Primark such as lots more tills open and tidier shop floors which were probably made in response to the negative feedback they received.

Tips for shopping in Primark

Try it on Try on everything you want to buy and check it fits properly I’ve had size 6 jeans before that are to big around the waist and barely fit around my ankles.

Ask your self if you love it Ask your self if your buying the item because you really like it or if you’ve been tempted by the low price tag.

Add up as you go along Add the price of your items up as you go along. Its easy to get carried away adding items to your baskets because their cheap then get to the check out and nearly pass out when they tell you the total price.

If you see it get it If you see something you really like on someone else or in the shop then get it asap I’ve seen things I’ve liked before then never seen them again and as you cant shop them online you’ll have to grab them when you see them.

Don’t be put off by the queues The queues may look really long but they usually go really quickly. You could always try the queue in the mens section and see if its smaller, just don’t make the mistake of queuing in the customer services queue as this does usually take a long time and they only do refunds and exchanges.

Check the size Always check the size of the item from the label stitched to the item. I forever find  items on the wrong sized hanger and I’ve also found trousers before with a different size on the price tag to the actual stitched label inside.

Check the quality Have one final overall look at the quality of the item before you buy it make sure the stitching is all in place, the item has no hole and the material is not see-through.

Bring some bags Primark’s paper bags are great for the planet and that but they’re notorious for breaking! Bring some of your own shopping bags or buy one of their fabric shopping bags at the tills and save yourself the embarrassment of getting half way down the road and your bags busting open to reveal all your lovely new underwear sprawled all over the pavement!

Leave the changing rooms till last I’ve done it so many times where I’ve picked up a few items and gone to the changing rooms when I’ve come out I’ve found a whole new bunch of stuff I want to try on and now have to go back and queue again. Save queueing more than once go to the changing rooms when your 100% sure you’ve finished shopping. Although Primark have a limit of I think 8 items you can take in the changing rooms at a time you can leave your basket with them and swap your items once you’ve tried them on.
Take more than one size to try on If you’re trying on a item not just to see if you like it on but because if your not sure it will fit you then take another size into the changing rooms with you (whether you think you may be a size up or down) this saves you having to go out a get another size and queue up again. You can always leave the extra sizes in your basket.

Things you cant go wrong with from primark
Make up/beauty bags
Cotton pads/buds
Eyelash curlers
Things to check before buying
Dresses/tops/Trousers/skirts – check for frayed fabric and if material is see-through
Jeans/Trousers – check sizing sometimes they can get the sizing seriously wrong
Leggings – check material is not see-through
Underwear sets – sometimes the bottoms can fit and not the top & vice versa.