If you follow me on any social media you may know that I semi recently made the move up to London to work a PR placement for the summer. As much as the city is an amazing place to be their are some serious grievances I have after moving up the big city from a small village.

  • Rush hour on the tube
  • Pigeons everywhere
  • Having to dodge various Yoda’s on the street (if you know, you know)
  • Trying to work out the tubes when drunk on a night out
  • £15 for a vodka Cranberry
  • People chasing (yes literally chasing) you down the street for your number
  • Forgetting to tap out your oyster and getting a fine
  • Having a cold on the morning commute train and feeling the glaring eyes with every sneeze
  • Annoying people who sneeze on the morning commute
  • Covent Garden tube station
  • Paying for cash machines
  • Ques for all the restaurants/pubs on a Friday evening
  • Foxes everywhere
  • 27376879 nearby people to attempt to sift through on Tinder
  • Night busses/tubes
  • The heat
  • Weekend transport
  • Being branded depending on where you live/frequent

That being said, I had an amazing time living in London and would urge anyone to give it a try. What are your favourite/least favourite things about London?

Written by – Jemma Lynch