It’s always nice to make a bit of extra cash on the side, and what a better way to do it than selling some of your stuff? Uni rooms are small enough as it is without trying to fit in your clothes, DVDs and the kitchen sink!

Why not restore some tranquillity in your life by having a spring clean and make cash too! Selling your stuff is great for two reasons, 1. The monetary benefits 2. You are recycling rather than just dumping things in a landfill. Not sure what to get rid of? We’ve come up with three main categories that you can think about selling:

University Textbooks:

These books were expensive when you first bought them and it would be a shame to see them dumped in a charity shop where it’s unlikely anyone will ever need them. Our top tip is to make sure you don’t actually need these before you sell them! If you do a quick web search for “sell university books online” there are some really good sites that can help you out. On some sites you can sell instantly, just scan the barcode of the book, post it for free and receive your money via PayPal or cheque. On other sites you may have to wait for a buyer to come along, but the wait may be worth it as you’ll more likely get the price you really want.


Boys and girls dig out those old threads, start photographing them and start making some money. Probably the most well known website to sell clothes is eBay. Just make sure you don’t get stung by their selling fees! Sell when there’s a “£0 insertion fee” promotion on, this means you don’t have to pay to sell your clothes online. You’re meant to be making money after all!

If you want an even quicker way to sell your clothes, download Depop from the App Store. All you have to do is snap a photo on your phone, add some key words and attach a price. It is quite common on Depop for users to negotiate a price, but remember earning cash is better than that hoody sitting in the cupboard, taking up space. Depop is not the only app out there to sell your clothes through, but it is one of the more popular, therefore more potential buyers.

Another site to keep in mind when selling clothes would be ASOS Marketplace, although this site requires you to take photos of your clothes on a model. This can be a bit of a hassle, but if you have the time it is well worth it.

CDs/DVDs /Games:

We’re not too sure if anyone even has CD’s anymore, let a alone a CD player to play them on, but there are sites that will buy them for recycling purposes. Again, a quick Google search of “sell CD’s online” will bring up a whole host of results to help you out. For DVDs and games, we suggest Amazon, you might get a higher price for more recent DVDs or games, compared to some of the really old ones you forgot about.

Hopefully we’ve helped you out and have given you some helpful hints to get that cash in your back pocket!