In my plight for a lithe wedding body, I’ve been hitting the fitness and nutrition hard this year. I signed up with a personal trainer and I completely changed my approach to nutrition. Now, I mainly eat a low carb diet and include protein with every meal. But it’s really easy to get bored with lightly steamed veg and white fish. There’s only so much tasteless mush you can shovel in your mouth before the novelty wears off! So I have to get pretty creative in the kitchen.

Healthy Turkey Stir Fry

One of my favourite recipes I’ve come up with is a tasty, healthy turkey stir fry. You might have seen me feature it on my blog a few weeks ago. Well the lovely guys over at TRAINFITNESSspotted it too and asked if they could feature it in their Body FX nutrition guide.

I had to say yes because I just totally agree with how their nutrition guide works. In their words:

body fx is the ‘anti diet’ nutrition programme. Designed to optimise health and incinerate fat, this 16-week programme is designed to provide a real physiological overhaul; balancing hormones and cellular function alongside a ‘metabolic tune-up’.

This is pretty much exactly what I did with my trainer – she banned the word diet, instead focusing on an overhaul of my nutrition and how I approach food. And it has completely worked, my mind set has changed and so has my body. I no longer feel bloated, I have much clearer skin and I feel full instead of moving from one sugar crash to the next.

What I Eat in a Typical Low Carb Day

However, it’s not always easy to stick to it all the time. (And that’s OK, we’re only human). One of the things I find difficult is spending all my evenings prepping food. Whether it’s making overnight oats, chopping up salad, steaming vegetables or cooking salmon, I am always in the kitchen, making a mess (sorry Andrew).

That’s why I came up with the turkey stir fry I posted a few weeks ago – it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s super healthy and it’s tasty. It’s a chuck it all in one pan kind of dinner and you don’t need any kind of refined carbs to put with it to feel full.

Best Bits: March 2016

The Body FX nutrition guide is full of other recipes similar to mine – easy to make, super tasty and chock full of brilliant ingredients. It’s completely free to get your hands on, just visit this link and pop in your email address to download it. You may even spot a few other people in there you recognise!

I for one am going to make sure I try What Emma Did’s Banana and Peanut Butter Sugar Free Flapjack. Let me know if you try any recipes!


Words and photos – Jennifer Helen