Practising mindfulness with a friend is a great way of staying motivated. I often find that I get lazy at times when I don’t necessarily feel that I need mindfulness as much, skipping things and putting things off if I’m not in the mood. I feel like when you do these things with a friend you’ve got someone you can’t let down and also, someone you enjoy spending time with, I guess its all about making the things that help you an enjoyable part of your day!


There’s nothing I love more than going for a walk with my friend. I always think of walking as like therapy, there’s nothing a good walk can’t sort out! Then you add your best friend into the equation, discussing issues like so and so hasn’t text you back and what does that mean, you’ve got a personal therapy session right there! Andddd you’re catching up with a friend, what more could you want?!

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This is something I myself have to admit I rarely do, I’m a social media addict and fully use my job as a blogger as an excuse for this – no shame at all. However, going technology free is such a good way to get back in touch with the real world. You could leave your phone at home and go out together for the day or even just meet up for a coffee sans technology; it’s amazing how much more you enjoy each other’s company when the conversations not broken up by texts, phone calls and instagram!


I won’t go on about this one too much because you’ll all know from my posts here and here that I am a colouring obsessive. But it’s actually the perfect group activity, chill, colour, catch up, maybe watch a film . . sounds perfect no?


Meditation and Yoga are amazing for mindfulness and who likes doing classes alone? No one. So much so that I actually do mine at home, which means I usually don’t end up doing it. Starting a class with a friend means you’re more likely to stick to it so you don’t let each other down! Plus, it’s more fun!


Things like doing good deeds are such a good way of not only spreading positivity, but also increasing your own happiness. I think it’s such a good idea to pair up with a friend and challenge each other to do certain deeds or to see who has done the most, making sure one another has done at least 1 a week. Soon enough you’ll find yourself paying more attention to small details and finding opportunity in everything you do!

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Words and photos by – Sinead Crowe