So many people swear by yoga and meditation for keeping their happiness, positivity and mental health in tact but I just couldn’t “get it” for ages.

However, I think I’m finally getting somewhere.

I found the following things helped me to make sense of it and get into some sort of “habit”.

  • Try thinking of it as “just being”. Not thinking or doing, just taking a moment out of busy life.
  • Concentrate on breathing. Slow breaths in and out; I found this emptied my mind of all thoughts!
  • See it as a moment to be calm and relaxed, especially if you’re prone to feeling stressed.
  • Make the most of frustrating situations. Stuck in traffic? Delayed train? Waiting for the microwave to beep? Take some time to relax, breathe slowly and be calm.

If I’m feeling stressed or too full of thoughts and things to remember, I try to take some time to practice. And it does take practice. But now I realise how little I used to relax before. Like, actually relax.


As for poses, I use good old Pinterest to find basic yoga shapes. I try to move slowly between them and hold each pose for 5 breaths. It’s amazing how this works the muscles, be prepared to ache the next day!

However you don’t need to adopt any poses if you don’t want to. That’s veering towards yoga rather than meditation. Meditation is the breathing/relaxing part.

This is my take on it by the way, I don’t claim to be an expert. I’m just sharing what works for me and hopefully it can work for you too.

I now find that I appreciate “quiet” and “calm”. Before, I was to busy thinking to even notice, let alone appreciate it.

I also feel this gives me a positive start to the day. I feel more ready and prepared for what may be thrown at me and I’d like to think I deal with things in a more positive way than before.

What are your views on meditation?
Have you ever tried it?

Words & photos – Effi Summers