1. Pack light!  You never need as much as you take, and for the last couple of city breaks I made do with only hand luggage. This was cheaper and I got through the airport way quicker. BOOM.
  2. Pack mix and match outfits (a follow-on from Point 1). I did this in Brussels and it worked so well, even better if you’re going somewhere with a predictable climate!
  3. Research your trip ideas, hotels and flight options and then use a computer with another IP address to book it. The cost goes up the more you keep clicking on the same pages. Sneaky, I know!
  4. Check out Air b’n’b for accommodation. It can work out way cheaper and if you rent a whole apartment it means saving on the food bill! This works especially well if you’re travelling with more than 1 other person.
  5. Take some time out from the tourist spots. I like to wander the streets of a new place to get a feel for what it’s really like. Speak to the locals and take in your surroundings.
  6. Back up your documents. Take photos on your phone of your important documents; passport, health card, boarding pass, driving licence etc, so you have copies.
  7. TAKE PHOTOS! I take millions of photos. It’s hard to take everything in all at once so I love to look back on all the photos, jogging my memory of all the awesome things I experienced.
  8. Eat different food. Try some new dishes or at least try the native food of the place you’re visiting. In Berlin I managed to try Vietnamese, German and Italian as well as visiting an American-style diner.
  9. Ditch the toiletries and cosmetics… or at least some of them. Most hotels will have shower gel, soap and shampoo and you can always buy stuff when you get there. If you do take any, make sure it’s teeny tiny versions. This also avoids any potential leaking in your bag!
  10. Learn the lingo: Just knowing the language basics of where you’re going can help you get by. Especially if you have dietary requirements! I quickly learnt to look out for a “panini legume” in Belgium.
  11. Try to relax. Travelling can be frustrating at times. Don’t stress if you have delays or get lost, go with the flow and try to enjoy the adventure! I find this particularly hard; I’m not the best flyer and could do with a bit more patience at the airport but I’m working on it!