Top Tips For Surviving A Long Coach Journey by Sage Fitzpatrick

For those savvy travellers, flying will sometimes take a back seat as your chosen mode of transport, and will often make way for overnight trains and long haul coach trips. Not everybody’s idea of heaven sure. And they certainly aren’t for everyone. But they are a cheaper and less stressful alternative to flying. So here are some tips for those who are about to embark on a long coach journey.

Keep Warm

On every coach journey I’ve ever taken a blanket (and numerous hoodies) have been my saviour. Coaches tend to be air-conditioned to the max, which is not an ideal situation for those who feel the cold. Having these extra layers will make the long coach journey more enjoyable and being warm will definitely help you in trying to get a few precious hours of sleep.

Bring Snacks

This coach may be your ‘home’ for the next 18 hours or so and during that time you are bound to get hungry. Food in service stations is always hugely overpriced, so bringing food with you will save you some extra cash. Dried fruit and nuts are a great way to keep hunger at bay. You may also want to bring something a little more sustainable such as a salad or a sandwich. A great idea, but just remember keeping these things out of a fridge for too long will inevitably lead to them turning bad. So just don’t forget to eat them. Oh and do try to avoid smelly foods. Your fellow passengers will surely appreciate this.


Whether you are an avid reader, sketcher or a music enthusiast be sure to bring something along to keep you occupied during your trip. If it happens to be electrical make sure to charge it before you leave the house. Or if you’re feeling social try talking to your neighbour. You never know they may be pretty interesting and will help you pass the time.

Get Comfortable

This especially goes for all night coach trips. Try to wear something that you are completely comfortable in, which will allow for a more pleasant journey. And if you aim to try and get some sleep whilst on the road, an eye mask and a neck pillow will also come in handy.

And there you have it. If you follow these simple tips, we can be sure that your coach journey will be a lot more enjoyable and less of the hellish journey that you have imagined that long coach journey to be.