With the summer fast approaching for many of us, the much needed six-week break is in within spitting distance. Every year, I always plan on ‘getting out more’, ticking things off my bucket list and genuinely just trying to leave the comforts of my bedroom, which would be an achievement. I know how easy it can be to spend the whole summer engrossed in TV box sets and binge watching Netflix (I have done it many times before, myself) However, this summer I have an extended holiday and I want to make the most of it. I definitely want to get outdoors more this summer (although the British weather may not always cooperate) here are 35 easy ways I plan on getting out more this summer. If you too are looking to get out more this summer hopefully you will find these suggestions helpful.

  1. Going to an outdoor cinema screening
  2. Go on a picnic, with a really retro, old fashioned picnic hamper etc.
  3. Take a drive in the country with no destination in mind
  4. Lay back in a field and watch the clouds
  5. Go to the beach and send a message in a bottle
  6. Go stargazing
  7. Visit a music festival
  8. If you live in the UK, become a member of the National Trust and visit some of their properties and gardens
  9. Go swimming
  10. Have a BBQ on the beach
  11. Still got work to do? Take it outside!
  12. Go on a bike ride
  13. Play pooh sticks
  14. Do a race for life or colour run
  15. Go shopping? (Duh?!)
  16. Visit a car boot sale or even run your own car boot stall
  17. Play Frisbee in an open field
  18. Go to the beach and build sand castles (pretend you are five again)
  19. Go for a gentle walk around the woods
  20. Get lost in a maze
  21. Go the theme park and ride roller coasters (Or just watch your friends, if it’s not for you)
  22. Go to the Zoo. If you are in the UK, I personally recommend Longleat
  23. Go strawberry picking
  24. Take your camera out at night and do night photography
  25. Have a campfire on the beach
  26. Watch the sunset on the beach
  27. Go on a spontaneous camping trip
  28. Go fishing (It could be fun, you never know!)
  29. Visit the aquarium
  30. Go kayaking or canoeing
  31. Visit your local sports centre, and play some outdoor sports
  32. Visit a beer garden
  33. Go for afternoon tea
  34. Visit a pier and have fish and chips on it
  35. Go to a farm and play with the baby animals


What are you waiting for? Let’s get outside and start exploring!

What have you got planned for summer? Are you going to try any of these suggestions?

Written by- Nicole Marie