Inspiring business books are my obsession at the minute. I can’t get enough of them. There’s some great success stories on the shelves at the minute all with the authors unique tips ways to mirror their success. Some are motivating they even make me want to plough through small tasks like emptying the dishwasher at the best of my ability! There’s so many out their it’s hard to pick the good from the bad so to make it simpler I’ve composed a list of my top 5 motivation books.
GirlBoss Sophia Amoruso founded of Nasty Gal shares her story from a homeless dumpster diver to the owner of a multi-million dollar business. Her story is extremely inspiring and shows that the conventional route of a degree isn’t the only way to success. She single handily grew Nasty Gal from her own garage into the fasted growing fashion retailer without borrowing a penny. Her books aims to inspire the next generation of Girlboss’! It’s a great easy read. Perfect for a down day when lacking some inspiration.
Strong Women  Another empowering women book, Karen Brady tackles the issue of feminism and hopes to carve the path for the next generation of female business women. Her autobiography covers some really interesting stories . With her full time position at West Ham FC, a non executive director role at Arcadia, her own consultancy business, a weekly column to write at The Sun, the apprentice to film, a husband and two kids, she’s more than impressive. Her book is filled with insightful life advice to guide your into becoming as successful as the newly appointed bareness.
What You See Is What You Get Alan Sugar’s biography is a really interesting read. He’s another that’s come from nothing and grow himself an empire. His story starts right from his youth, featuring his many money making schemes and how they grew into a huge business. Any budding entrepreneurs would benefit from picking this up.
Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff A big part of motivation is clearing your mind of the clutter that weighs it down. Richard Carlson helps rearrange your mind, focusing your attention on the stuff that matters. This book is great for the stress heads out there and those who want to get organised and start a better life!
Get Rich Blogging Blogging is becoming a huge money making industry and many entrepreneurs are hoping on the bandwagon. Zoe Griffin’s book teaches, not only ways to make money from your site but how to build a brand for your blog and maintain a committed audience.
What are your favourite reads for motivation?
Written by – Jemma Lynch