Halo 5 Finally Gets a File Browser

343’s latest title has proven itself to be a stronger addition to franchise than Halo 4; particularly when it comes to the endless replay value provided by community created ‘Custom Games’.  When a game has the potential to have such variety, it comes as quite a shock when you realise that there is no easy way to access this content.  In fact, it can be so frustrating that the whole feature becomes almost pointless.

Therefore, the recent announcement from 343 that a file browser will soon be added to the game, is making fans breathe a sigh of relief.  Ever since community created maps have existed, Halo has always had a way to share your creations or browse other people’s.  Back when Bungie ran the franchise, there was even a section in-game where they showcased their favourite community made content; giving fans incentive to create even more.

According to 343, this new “Content Browser” will let players discover incredible community-created content with new file options, linked screenshots, prefabs, filters, trending maps, and more.” This is very exciting news for veteran fans, who haven’t experienced a Halo like this since Bungie’s final addition to the franchise; Halo Reach.  This move by 343 could breathe new life into Halo 5, which otherwise may have drifted further and further down the list of Xbox’s Most Played Games.Halo-5There is also hope that there will soon be a greater variety of games included in matchmaking, following the announcement of more playlists.  “The multiplayer team has also been keeping a close eye on playlist feedback and requests for Action Sack, and gathering their favourite candidates from all around, and are excited to confirm that the playlist is indeed on the way. Additionally, the team is working directly with several community Forgers directly to get their latest maps, modes, and recommendations.” – This could mean that Halo 5 will finally live up to its own potential, since up until this point only a tiny fraction of Halo 5’s many possible game modes have actually been featured in matchmaking.


A popular Halo 5 Custom Game, where players on vehicles try to knock each other off of the map

Many fans would also love to see a classic Halo playlist added to the mix, featuring re-makes of old fan favourite maps, along with the deactivation of sprint and thruster-pack.  All of the pieces are in place for this to be possible, as classic weapons have already been added to the game, and every old map has more than likely been re-made by the community.  This addition would no doubt attract many players who were previously put off by Halo 5’s lack of the classic Halo style of game-play, which may have been why the player base has reduced so massively since Bungie was out of the picture.

“Playtests are ongoing, and the team is working to get the playlist up as soon as they’re able – look for an exact release date (as well as a list of launch maps and game types) as soon as everything is locked. We’ll continue to provide status updates on not only Action Sack, but additional playlists as well.”

All of this, along with 343’s other regular free content updates, could lead to a brighter future for the Halo series than many fans are currently anticipating.

-Written by Elliot Norman-