First Impression:

If asked, I could probably name a fair few different headphone brands but 1MORE isn’t one that I knew of before now but having tried their products, I would definitely treat myself. When the parcel arrived I was wowed before I even opened the packaging. Contained in a neat and high quality box with a magnetic latch, as soon as I flipped the lid open I was further impressed by the sketch drawings and words written inside with information about the brand, product, the team behind 1MORE and their vision. I was so excited to see how beautifully packaged they are. Inside there is a message to the buyer and a few lines that stood out to me were “music is food for the soul and we promise to deliver it” and “we appreciate the opportunity to share this journey with you”. These both show that they are really passionate about the brand and how the company progresses.

Triple-Drive In-Ear Headphones

The headphones themselves are a stunning black and rose gold colour. They look really appealing to the eye, very stylish and angled in such a way that they fit the ear canals perfectly and comfortably.

Another massive perk to these is that they don’t fall out or get loose – there’s nothing worse than listening to a song and it’s about to get to that point that you love and bam, you’re only listening to the song with one ear! Not anymore – problem solved.

The wire is also a perfect length, not too short so you can’t put it in your pocket, and not so long that you get tangled in it and end up pulling them out of your ears.

It’s dual system intelligent controls allow the user to adjust the volume, play/pause and answer phone calls and is compatible with Apple iOS and Android.

The Sound

I played a range of different genres from folk to death metal and honestly, I can’t fault them, not only is the sound probably the most crisp I’ve heard, but they also block out all background noise without you having to play the music ridiculously loud.

If anyone was wondering what the ‘triple-driver’ is, it’s two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver which allows you to hear the music as the artist and engineer would have originally intended. They have an extended frequency of up to 40,000Hz which enables high res audio.

Whilst listening to my music I just couldn’t get over how sharp the sound was, no muffle, no tinny noise, honestly such a high quality pair of headphones but then none of this surprises me as they are expertly tuned by Luca Bignardi, a Grammy award winning sound engineer.


Stored within the main compartment beneath the headphones, are four neatly packed boxes which each hold the extras and are of very high quality. There’s a branded leather style and stitched hard case for travelling, a dual pin aviation plug (brushed with a rose gold metal look), 8 extra ear buds (5 silicone and 3 foam) all different sizes which is another nice bonus, a metal shirt clip and a user guide. The silicone buds enhance the lower frequencies and the foam buds will enhance the higher frequencies to “satisfy your sonic preferences”.


From the moment I opened the box I was really taken away by the elegance of the packaging, the design, look and feel of everything. 1MORE are a electronics company “devoted to bringing music alive” and boy are they serious about doing so by producing outstanding quality like this. In only 3 years they’ve won 10 international design awards. Very impressive first impression and it’s of no surprise that everyone who’s rated the product has given it top comments. And at a very reasonable price of just £99 this is money well spent.

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