The influence of social media can be pretty damaging for our self esteem. We are constantly faced with airbrushed magazines, stick thin celebrities, dieting tips and how to achieve the perfect face.

Being a teenage girl I constantly feel the pressure of not being good enough and trying to achieve the non realistic goal of being ‘perfect’. Its a dangerous mindset to get yourself into and the number one thing you need to remember is no one is perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist.

Instead of focusing on every aspect of your body you hate, appreciate who you are and realise there is no one else like you. There would be people who would do anything to be able to live a life, people with terrible diseases. Think how lucky you are to have a body that is healthy and don’t give into the pressures of the media.

It doesn’t matter if?

You’re not a size 6

Your eyebrows aren’t twins

You don’t have big boobs

Your waist isn’t tiny and you don’t have the hour glass figure 

You don’t have  a Kim Kardashian back side 

You don’t have a small nose, a tiny face

You don’t have model long legs 

You don’t know how to create an eyeshadow cut crease look, contour or highlight your face

All of the above are examples of what the media portrays as ‘perfection’. It teaches us not to be comfortable in our own skin and brainwashes us to believe that all the stuff above is what we need, to be happy. You could have all of that and still despise the way you look.

Body confidence is what makes someone ‘perfect’, I would say it makes someone beautiful. No matter what your size, or  the way you look, if you can feel comfortable with who you are then I think you have achieved perfect, because perfect is just being you.

It is so easy to pull ourselves apart, cry in front of a mirror and just wish we could do our makeup perfectly, but there is so much more to life than just the way you look. Don’t let it shape who you are and what you do because that way you’ll never end up doing anything and thats not a mindset you want to be in.

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     Love yourself x

Ella Iggulden