Productivity can be a hard talent to master. Particularly for those who work from home, or run a blog/site alongside working. Having mastered (or at least attempted to master) both of these challenges I have a few simple tips that I found help to keep focus and get sh*t done.

Boost productivity

Keep tidy

Tidy work space = tidy mind, right? Right! If you question this theory try working in a messy room with a desk full of paperwork, then have a de-clutter and try again. Mess and disorganisation is extremely distracting. It may take 10 minutes or so out of your day to organise your work space but for the amount a tidy desk helps to focus, it’s well worth it.

Get yourself some killer stationary

Having killer stationary is a great way to generate killer ideas. There’s so many fab little motivation journals on the market if that’s your thing but sometimes even having a notebook that you’re proud to get out, helps you … I also find that if your notebook is cute af it makes you spend more time thinking about what you want to go into it, and structuring things better. My fave new thing at the minute is this pink notebook by chroma with my initials on. It’s super light so I’ve been taking it around everywhere. I’ve been using the lined pages to jot down any notes I have for blogging or business ideas throughout the day. I love having the personal touch of my initials engraved on the front. The company do offer personalised engraving so if you have a quote or image you want engraved they can do that for you which is cool. Pick up one yourself here for £8.50

Organise with a printable

There’s so many free printable tools that can be found online, especially Pinterest. These can be super helpful if you’re a visual person and need structure. My favourite are from fortyprenuer. They’re available broken up into different categories. For example you can get a goal tracker, a monthly review, a weekly planner and a project planner.

What are your best tips for staying motivated and getting stuff done?

Jemma Lynch