Graduation is a time for big change. Building a life for yourself after university is full of huge changes, but there’s got to be some thing’s that stay the same right? I’ve found five things that haven’t changed at all – that I was convinced would be a thing of the past…

My Friends 

When I started uni a lot of people told me that the friends I made there would be friends for life. At the time I thought that was pretty sappy. But almost three years after I graduated (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) I can honestly say they were right. At uni I made friends from all across the world, and the main bunch of us all still stay in touch. For my birthday this year, my childhood friends didn’t bother making the short car journey to see me, but the buddies I’d made at uni traveled from all across the country by train, bus and car to have a good old booze up. I’ve found the friends I made during my studies are now in the same job and living situation, so we all kind of get it when one of us has a moan about rent prices or loosing put Oyster card. They are also the friends I turn to when I need to crash, when I need a good old cry, or I just want to have some fun.

Netflix Days

Even adults in the real world need Netflix Days. In fact, it would be easier if we just made it a public holiday. Curling up to devour a whole series of Making A Murderer or House Of Cards is totally normal, and totally a justified reason to shut yourself away from the world with the popcorn.


This really wasn’t something I was expecting! When I was buried under a mass of text books and test exam papers I thought after my last year I would be jumping for joy to be free of the subject I studied. But actually, when going into the full time workplace and writing online, I’ve loved using the skills and knowledge my degree gave me. I know have a passion for finding creative ways to use my writing techniques, my ability to multitask and manage large workflow in everyday life.

Deadline Panics 

When I finally put on my mortar board I thought my days of pulling stressful all-nighters were behind me – how wrong could I be?! I now often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to work, get to the gym, socialise, write my blog, cook, clean and do all the ‘life admin’ that needs to be done. I would love to be that super organised person who’s able to fit everything into a 9-5 working week – but I’ll probably never be that person. So for the time being there’s lots of long nights and sleepy working days ahead of me.

That Wonderlust, though 

At uni I spent hours dreaming up holidays with friends, planning road trips across America and pinning endless sandy beaches on Pinterest. Coming out of uni it can be hard not to fall into the standard 9-5 and get sucked into the long road of saving for a deposit. Life might be easier if we all concentrated on the simple life, but I’m happy to say my wonderlust hasn’t gone away – it’s still live and kicking. I’m still planning my trips, pinning my posts; and thanks to that full-time wage even taking a few holidays as well. I hope I never loose my passion and drive to see the world, and thankfully it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

What would you like to not change after you graduate? If you could hang on to one thing, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below!


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