Starting a new adventure is always a daunting experience. Exciting, but daunting. Especially when the adventure is as big as starting university. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the big changes coming your way which could possibly mean that you forget the simplest of things which you may need.
Here is a small checklist of some of those uni essentials.

Set Texts:
A lot of students tend not to get their courses set texts and prefer to wing it. Don’t get me wrong, this may work for some students, but you’ll be so much better prepared if you actually have and read (or at least skim) your texts before each lecture. Not only will you be more prepared, but you will also feel more confident.

This may sound silly and obvious, but it’s incredible how many people tend to forget things like pens and paper.
Before you head off to your campus stock up on a range of pens, notebooks, highlighters, and whatever else you think you may need for your course.

Memory Stick:
This is an absolute must for any student. It’s so important to always back your work up and not to just rely on one location. Trust me, you don’t want to learn the hard way. There will come a time at some point in your degree where you will thank me for this tip. Every student has experienced the gut-wrenching feeling when your finished essay didn’t save properly and you have to re-type the whole thing again. Not fun.

These are just a few of the basics which you’ll need to begin with. Before your course starts have a look on your university sites for more tips and essentials. As the term goes on you’ll fall into your own routine and find your own university essentials.