Freshers week. Want to know how to survive it?Where do I start? A week of partying with unrecognisable faces that soon become your best friends. A week of being persuaded to purchase wristbands that are in fact a waste of money. A week of learning your alcohol tolerance and a week of realising University isn’t just all about the night life.. you have to actually attend lectures. But overall its one of the best weeks of your life with some of the most unforgettable memories.

As someone who’s just completed their first year of University, I wanted to share my tips on how YOU can survive freshers week.

Top tips:

  1. My number one tip for being a Fresher is not being persuaded to buy wristbands for events, when you won’t even attend all of them. Its a complete waste of money.
  2. Budgeting will be a struggle in this week but try to set a limit for each day.
  3. Your flatmates play a very important role in Freshers, stick together. You will all be very nervous of meeting new people but your flatmates will be the group you feel closest with. Make sure to grab their numbers or Facebook’s so your not left alone in an unfamiliar club.
  4. If your not a massive drinker don’t pressure yourself to fit in and drink more than you would. University is very different from school, people are more understanding and grown up. If you don’t want to drink no one will judge you.
  5. If you are staying in flats, freshers week is a perfect opportunity to socialise with surrounding flats and maybe pre drink with them before attending events.
  6. Most Universities hold a Freshers Fair in the first week, this is so important to attend as you can sign up for doctors, dentists etc, but also grab information about the area and different societies you can become involved in and most importantly grab a load of freebies.
  7. Societies are great for meeting new people, I would strongly advise you look into joining one. Your University will have a range to choose from.
  8. Finally, after a night out don’t walk home alone, make sure to grab a trustworthy taxi, use a University recommended one and make sure you always have spare change.

Your first week will be a bit of blur, but you will get to grips with things pretty fast. Just make sure to stay safe and familiarise yourself with the area.

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Ella Renee