Moving to University is a huge thing both emotionally and physically. My number one tip for this exhausting moving out process is, DON’T TAKE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE WITH YOU, because you won’t have enough storage space and it just makes moving in ten times harder than it should be. So I’m going to share with you ten essentials you will need to take to uni.


  1. Printer, Uni’s do have printing facilities but when it comes to hand in deadlines for your assignments the last thing you want to be doing is waiting in a queue to print. Taking your own makes your life so much easier!
  2. Laptop, again uni provides you with computer suites to use but these can get busy pretty quickly especially around deadlines and exams so having your own again will help you out.
  3. Memory sticks, some of your assignments will be a hand in into a box, others will be via memory stick. Lecturers don’t always give these back, so make sure you have plenty!
  4. Plastic wallets, something you may think is not important but when you do assignments and have a deadline you don’t want to be rushing around trying to find a plastic wallet to put your work in so bring a pack with you, saves you the stress and time!
  5. Books, when I first started Uni I didn’t really understand the importance of the reading list and chose to ignore it. However you may find assignments begin straight away and not having the books to do them will mean you walking miles to the nearest library if you don’t have one on campus. So please get all the books on your reading list.
  6. Extension lead, you probably have a good idea of what your room looks like but you may have forgot to look where plug sockets are. In my room I had none by my mirror and therefore couldn’t straighten or curl my hair without getting a smaller mirror to place by these sockets.
  7. Spare change, don’t even get me started on the nightmares you will have with washing at uni. If your in a house your life and stress levels will be saved, however on campus the washing machines are always full, swallow your money or are out of service. To add to that you also have to pay £2 for each wash.  So make sure you always have spare change to do your washing!
  8. Drying rack, this brings me onto drying, again more expense to dry your clothes so bring a rack to place in your room or if you have enough space you can hang things from your drawers. A drying rack will save you a lot of money and will mean your room won’t be covered in wet clothes.
  9. Plates and cutlery, when buying these make sure to buy bold colours and not simple ones that everyone will end up having. This means they won’t get mixed up and washing up won’t be stressful because you will know who’s is who’s.
  10. Lock, on your food cupboards you might want to bring locks as you may not trust your flatmates. Months on this will probably change as you all get to know each other but in the beginning a lot of my flatmates had locks on their cupboards.

I hope these tips might help you out if you’re going to University this year. Just make sure to take plenty of home comforts and be aware the WiFi connection won’t be amazing. Apart from that I hope you have a really good first year!

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By Ella Iggulden