Here are 10 student budgeting tips to help you save money while studying…

1) Textbooks

Instead of buying new, search for used textbooks to buy or rent. And when you’ve finished the course, remember to sell the textbooks you no longer need. The environment will appreciate it too.

2) Bills

Always pay bills, fees and fines on time as delays on your part can lead to additional expenses. For ways to save money on your phone plan, check out these tips.

3) Transport

Owning a car is a major cash guzzler. Use public transport instead or invest in a good bicycle. Walking is also considered a mode of transport. If you decide you need a car, share the cost of petrol with your regular passengers.

4) Rent

Find other students or like-minded people to live with. You’ll save loads on rent and utilities. The dorms can be cheap, but not necessarily the cheapest option so compare your prices.

5) Meals

Try plan your meals ahead of time. Leaving the campus you might be tempted to walk into a restaurant and order something to-go. These little purchases end up costing you a lot. If you plan your own meals and eat more at home, you can enjoy all your favourite ingredients without overpaying for them.


Enjoy the ingredients you love without overpaying for them.

6) Student Discounts

It’s extremely common for companies of all types to offer special rates for students. You might as well use your student status for something. Besides the better known student discounts offered at museums and the cinema, there are even clothing stores that will give students a discount so keep this in mind when you shop.

7) Groceries

Non-branded products are often just as good as their branded competitors, but they cost a fraction of the price. Don’t pay extra just for eye-catching logo designs and packaging.

8) Alcohol

There are actually quite a few ways to save on drinking as you can see in our recent blog post How to Save Money on Beer. One way to do this is to simply drink more at home. We’re not saying you should be destroying your academic brain cells every day, but if you do plan to go out and drink, at least start the festivities with drinks at home. It must be said that the best way to save on alcohol or on any of your vices is to simply quit, earning you that nice extra bonus of better health.

9) Need Vs Want

Some stuff you really need, some stuff you like to have around, and some stuff is completely unnecessary. It’s not that being a frugal student means becoming an ascetic, but if you suddenly decide to make a large purchase, it’s a good idea to sleep on it before actually going through with it. Maybe that portable sauna isn’t a top priority right now.

10) Vouchers

A great way to instantly cut down on purchases is to buy shopping vouchers. Vouchers are always worth more than their spend value. This built-in discount means you always get more value for what you spend. A huge number of brands offer vouchers from major fashion houses to supermarkets. A great place to buy vouchers from top brands is via the Zeek marketplace. Zeek also lets you sell unwanted vouchers or gift cards you have lying around that you know you’ll never end up using.

* Bonus Tip!

If you can’t manage to work a part-time a job, there’s no reason that you can’t still earn side money as a student. Use your talents to provide services that can help you earn some income. This will at least cover some of your expenses. Doing translations, tutoring junior students, or babysitting are just a few ideas.