This month I’ve been taking some time out and reading a lot of inspiring books, which have really helped me. One of the books I’ve been reading is Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki, which is amazing, I’ll write a review soon. One of the parts of Enchantment that stood out to me was a list of 10 Japanese aesthetic principles, which is originally from Garr Reynold’s book Presentation Zen Design: Simple Design Principles and Techniques to Enhance Your Presentation. I’m sharing this, and some ideas about how to put them in practice, because I think they’re really useful when it comes to both ‘real life’ and blogging. If you’re feeling a bit uninspired and unmotivated like me recently, maybe these will help you. I’ve written all of these out in my Bullet Journal so that I can remind myself whenever I need to. Learn more about Japanese Culture at The Japanese Way.


Eliminate clutter and express things simply.
Apply this to your life: I’m one of those people who finds this a challenge, but recently I’ve found that starting a Bullet Journalhas been helpful for keeping everything organised in one place, rather than having scattered notebooks/planners/calendars/to-do lists etc. I’ll write a blog post about it ASAP! When it comes to studying or blogging, a clutter-free, organised desk is ideal for me. I also like to make sure to clear out my Macbook once in a while, I end up with so much unnecessary crap on there. Make sure to reduce the clutter on your blog sidebar too!


Use asymmetry / irregularity to achieve balance.
Apply this to your life: The Rule of Thirds can be so helpful with photography and design – remember to use it in your blog!


Understanding and not elaborating on things.
Apply this to your life: Remember that less is more! With my university essays, as well as blog posts, I often find myself rambling, so I need to remind myself to be concise!


Depicting naturalness with the absence of pretense or artificiality.
Apply this to your life: I don’t know about you, but my favourite YouTubers and Bloggers are the ones who come across as very authentic, sharing their creativity and often ‘messy’ and imperfect lives. Remember that you don’t have to be perfect, and there’s no need to pretend to be something you’re not.


Use subtle and symbolic suggestion rather than obviousness.
Apply this to your life: Sometimes we don’t have to be so explicit when subtlety works much better. People often don’t like to be told what to do, so in blog reviews, suggest how a product could improve someone’s life rather than outright telling them to buy it.


Transcending habit, formula, and conventionality.
Apply this to your life: This one probably resonates with me the most. I get so bored and uncomfortable when I end up in a routine. Don’t be conventional! I love being spontaneous, and it definitely helps with creativity and inspiration. Try a different way of presenting your blog posts, experiment with YouTube (I have been recently and I love it), have fun!


Achieving a state of tranquility and energized calm.
Apply this to your life: Doesn’t the phrase energized calm sound so perfect? I need to work on achieving that! As for blogging, make sure your blog isn’t overwhelming with different fonts, colours, adverts etc. Simplicity and white space will make it more calming and tranquil.


Embodying harmony and balance, avoiding self-assertion.
Apply this to your life: Be appreciative of what you have, and work hard on your blog or YouTube channel without expecting to be the next Zoella. No one likes arrogance! I personally like to celebrate the little ‘wins’, like small social media milestones, or a retweet from brands I’ve featured.


An emptiness, spatial void or silence to provide a focal point.
Apply this to your life: Try to be more minimalist in your decorating style, try meditation or ‘switch off’ from the internet/technology, and appreciate white space in your work/presentations/blog design.


Appreciating the beauty of what is implied, understated and unexpressed.
Apply this to your life: Don’t try too hard to impress people; sometimes the simplest blog post ideas or Instagram pictures work the best.

Words and photo by – Emily Underworld