As a newly qualified adviser for nutrition I have learnt a lot about my own diet and felt I share my new found knowledge with you all.

Why is good nutrition so important? I bet if we all looked at our food habits we all be surprised what we are actually doing to our bodies.

Nutrition is the building blocks of our bodies and so what we are consuming each and everyday has significant importance. A good nutritional balance in food and drink consumption can:

  1. increase the vitality and energy in your life
  2. weight is easier to maintain
  3. helps improve sports performance
  4. improves your immune system
  5. aids in healthy teeth and bones
  6. and lowers the risk of catching any disease or infections

If this doesn’t make you think then I don’t know what will.

Having poor nutrition can contribute towards many diseases and you be surprised what they are other then the obvious diabetes and obesity but it can contribute towards to sleep apnoea, female infertility, strokes and many others too. I not here to scare you all. I am just trying to get people thinking about what they are feeding their families and themselves.

What is classed as good balanced diet is resting well, following food guidelines and resting appropriately.

well the food guidelines in the UK state we should be having:

  • 6 lots of carbohydrates a day
  • 5 lots of veg and 2 lots of fruit (yes this is now the recommended)
  • 3 lots of dairy
  • 2 lots of protein
  • 2 lots of fats
  • 1 sugary item (preferably none)
  • 8 glasses of water (3 pints)


When you look back over your daily food intake you will soon see where you are having too much and where you are not having enough. Balancing this all out will help improve your life dramatically. But if you want to change your diet do it a step at a time cos else you will give up. It takes on average 21 days of continuously doing something before it becomes a habit.