With all the current going’s on in the world it would be completely understandable if some of you get nervous about going out and not knowing what to do if someone was to come at you with a knife. Sifu 7th level grandmaster, Mark Cook has put together some tips on what to do if you ever get into a situation in which you need to protect yourself to help put your mind at ease.

  1. Run!
  2. Make distance from attacker
  3. Arm yourself longer range the better ie: chair, pushbike, belt with heavy buckle, anything that keeps distance between you
  4. Always keep your eye on the sharp edge of the blade
  5. Never block with your arms with your veins facing attacker
  6. Never kick attacker with knife as you can’t run with wound to leg
  7. If you are attacked it’s better to get cut than stabbed
  8. If attacked protect your midsection and chest by closing your arms across your chest, veins facing in
  9. If they swing at you with knife always use two arms to block, not one
  10. Never let yourself get in the situation. Be spatially aware at all times. Never close your eyes and keep your eye on the knife at all times!

For lessons in hands on knife defence contact:
Sifu 7th level grandmaster / Mark Cook / www.threefamilyfist.com