Everyone needs chill out time, absolutely everyone. And whilst at University I think I realised the need for chill out time much more then I ever have in my life. Sometimes people can get far too consumed in the stress of Uni.. myself included in that.. But I finally realised that chill out time was definitely something I loved and needed when Uni was just absolutely beating me down.

So I thought I would write a list of my top 5 favourite things to do to chill out because they really helped me out a lot!

  1. Finding a new Netflix series: Subscribing to Netflix is one of the best things I did at Uni! It has such a wide variety of Films, TV Series’, Documentaries etc. on it for you to go and watch. I am a bit of a TV series’ fanatic and I absolutely love a good TV Series to watch so having this option to choose from a wide variety is amazing for me! Here are a few of my fave TV series’ : The Musketeers, Reign, Peaky Blinders, American Horror Story, Spooks, Gossip Girl, Whitechapel, Sherlock, Merlin, Luther, Being Human, Skins and The Big Bang Theory. Just a few there obviouslybut watching a good film, TV series’ and Documentary always helps me to chill out.
  2. Lush Bath Bombs: Treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath! Baths are amazing to be able to relax in and I love my bath with a LUSH bath bomb in. They make your bath look so pretty and your skin feels amazing after having one in there with you. A few of my faves are: The Experimenter, Dragons Egg, Sex Bomb, Think Pink and Ickle Baby Bot. Each bath bomb has different ingredients in which are put in to do many different things to your skin to help revitalise it and make it feel good! So, of course when you’re stressed, I feel these really are the best thing for you.
  3. Order your favourite take away, treat yo’self: It’s doesn’t always seem like the best idea, but, sitting and ordering your favourite take away to just sit and pig out on really does help you to chill out! When I lived in Hull my favourite take aways were: Dragon 81 (a local Chinese), Dominos and Pie! Pie became an absolute fave of mine during third year and I did not realise how much I loved pie.. But I do!
  4. Go for a coffee with a friend: Going for a coffee with a friend is always good! You can vent your problems, have a nice coffee (and, a cheeky bit of cake maybe?) and you get to catch up with someone who wants to sit and chill out with you! For that time you’re with your friend, you can forget your problems and actually have a laugh. Just let go of any pent up frustration or annoyances you have. Talking about things you’re having a hard time with really does help your mind to chill out.
  5. Colour Therapy: I’ve never been an artist, seriously the closest I’ve gotten to drawing is stick men, but Colour Therapy books are great! Taking the time out to just take yourself off with a colour therapy book with some crayons, it’s just such a nice thing to do! Something I never thought I would enjoy, but I absolutely love it. I always feel so calm afterward. It’s great.

So these are my Top 5 tips on things you can do to chill out, I hope they help you as much as they do me when I’m stressed out and needing my own chill out time.