You asked for it…

These 5 life hacks will at least provide some fun – for you that is, not for anyone who has to deal with you.

  • Make a mess

Let’s start with probably the least useful, yet most fun item on the list. Have an old whoopee cushion lying around? Of course you do. Well instead of using it the boring, old fashioned way – why not spice up your prank by filling it with gravy? Create a delicious, disgusting looking mess! It’s fun for the whole family.

  • Flail around

Tired of putting up with cigarette smoke? The solution is quite simple. Grab a wet towel and start swinging it frantically around the room. You’ll be left with a pretty gross towel, but if you had the insight to use the smoker’s towel in the first place, then that’s not your problem.

  • Protect those cables

I don’t know about you, but almost all of my cables for headphones end up breaking. Just use a pencil case to transport those precious cables and they should survive for much longer! (Or, you know, get Bluetooth headphones like I did)

  • Use an embarrassing solution

Lost remotes can be a massive headache. Sometimes you just want to lay back and switch your brain off for an hour or two, but that pesky remote is missing – meaning you’re stuck with whatever rubbish your roommates have left on. That’s why I recommend using Velcro on your coffee table and remote, to bind the two together indefinitely. Feel free to take it one depressing step further and implement Peep Show’s ‘Megatron’.

  • Scare your friends

Are you fed up with friends borrowing your stuff and losing it? It’s especially infuriating when they claim to have never borrowed it in the first place. Using my simple technique of photographing them while they hold your belongings, your friends will never be able to use that excuse again! Although, they may also no longer want to be friends with you. At least then they won’t take your stuff.