So I was doing some of my normal internet moments where I will just have a random thought and look it up and this time it was “I wonder what celebrities are related”, weird I know but hey I found some stuff. Some of them you’d think would be obvious but I never made the connection so I’m just going to share a few with you.

deschanel Zooey Deschanel and Emily Deschanel, a obvious one you’d think by the names but I never made the connection, I’ve never looked at either and been like ‘damn are they sisters?’ but yes, yes they are.drew steven

Now I know it’s not a direct relation but Drew Barrymore is Steven Spielberg’s god daughter… Who’d have guessed?
elle rob

Elle King’s dad is comedian/actor Rob Schneider. Whaaaaat??? I didn’t believe it at first.roberts

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts, another connection I really should’ve made but Roberts is quite a common surname. Julia Roberts is Emma Roberts auntie. The more I look at them, the more I can actually see similarities.
tom will

Tom Cruise and William Mapother are cousins, just found it a bit random.

snoop ray j

Ray J and Snoop Dogg are also cousins, I wonder what it’d be like to be related to Snoop Dogg…