Lana Newstrom is a New York artist that has created an invisible ‘piece of art’. Art is something that everybody sees differently, some people take it very seriously and others don’t. It is a really personal thing that depends on your taste and it seems Lana’s taste is especially individual.

Judging by the images of art enthusiasts viewing the piece they look as if they can see something and are taking the whole idea very seriously. It has been reported that collectors are paying millions for what looks like nothing.  Many questions have to be raised at this point, how are they going to get it home? And where are they going to put it?

Lana Newstrom is quoted “Just because you can’t see anything, doesn’t mean I didn’t put hours of work into creating a particular piece”. Yeah, right, I’m going to use that one on the lecturer in uni next time I don’t hand in my essay and see what they say then.