Receiving an invitation to a wedding is always special. It means that the Bride and Groom want to share their magical day and declare their love in your presence.
That being said, being asked to be a best man or a bridesmaid is an absolute honour as you’re not only witnessing their deceleration of love, but they are also asking you to be apart of the days events.
Being a bridesmaid in particular can be both exciting and stressful in the run-up to the wedding and on the actual day. Here are just some of the thoughts which may pass your mind when you’re asked to be a bridesmaid.

What if I don’t want to do it?
Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a special thing as it means that the bride really values you and your relationship. However it is important to remember that you don’t have to say yes if you feel really uncomfortable about the situation.
It’s important to really think the offer through, and if you decide the job is not for you, sit down with the bride and explain your feelings. Seeing as she values you enough to have asked you, I’m sure she’ll be completely understanding.

Prepping the bride on the day.
This could quite possibly be one of the most stressful situations you will face in your relationship. If the bride is nervous she may be snappy and difficult. If she’s calm and relaxed she may be too relaxed and in no hurry to get dressed. After all, lacing up wedding dresses are a task in themselves.
It’s important to keep the bride as calm as possible, but also to encourage her to make moves in the right direction throughout the morning.

Will I embarrass myself?
There are so many emotions running wild on wedding days.
I’ve just spend 40 minutes having my make-up done. Will it run if I cry? Make-up artists know that you’re likely to cry at some point. They will be prepared with the waterproof mascara, don’t worry! One little tip, dab tears, don’t wipe. It’s the best way to avoid a streaky face.
My shoes are new and too high. Will I fall as I’m walking down the aisle? Always try and practise in your shoes for about a week before the big day. If in doubt nobody will judge you for choosing shorter heels. If you’re nervous it’s the best way to keep your dignity.

I don’t like the dress. What should I do?
You grin and bear it. On the bride’s day she’s allowed to dress her bridesmaid in whatever she wants. Your day will come where you can “repay the favour” and dress your bridesmaids however you please. After all it’s just one day.

I wonder what my wedding will be like?
It’s completely natural to begin to think about your special day no matter how near or far that may be. You’re bound to find things and traditions you like and things you’d like to do differently. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Throughout all of the drama and emotions which the day may bring, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself. As they always say, it’ll be alright on the night.
Oh, and the don’t forget to smile ALL day. That pesky photographer will no doubt be there to catch you whenever you take a break from the constant grin. Smile and wave ladies ….