During University we lived down some streets in Hull that, you could say, were a bit rough! Even though they were known typically for being student accommodation streets.

But last year, me and my housemates were told by a group of friends that their house had been broken into, and that the majority of their belongings had been stolen. This was truly upsetting, as – since we were students – going out and having to replace things that cost hundreds of pounds isn’t easily done. This sent the fear of Christ up me and my housemates, because the next day we were all in the sitting room with our laptops backing everything up onto hard drives! I was definitely on board, since in my third year I had a 10,000 word dissertation to do – so any notes, book pages and written work that was lost would have been absolutely heartbreaking because of the amount of work I had been doing.

I didn’t just back up my Uni work; I backed up every photo, film & song I had on there as well, since I have so many old baby photos of my sister and old family pics on there too – I couldn’t afford to lose them! So due to this single incident, I then spent the whole of my third year backing everything up in multiple places just to be on the safe side. And, a few days ago, I realised the absolute beauty of having done this.

A few days ago, due to an update that Apple requested me to do, my laptop decided it was going to play silly buggers. I was absolutely gutted and it set me into a good 24 hour funk! I was so sad to think that a piece of equipment, which I had paid so much for and thought I could rely on, (since I do pretty much everything I love to do on it) just decides to stop working on me?! I couldn’t quite get my head round it, and it really baffled me. BUT, due to marvelous people (my mum and her partner), I managed to get it sorted again… although, it was a long 24 hours – let me tell you. Good job I had everything backed up though, since the restart got rid of everything!

So basically, make sure you back everything up! It is never nice to lose EVERYTHING you need and love due to a company’s error. Especially when at Uni, make sure you save word in every way you can! You will save yourself so much upset that way. I was definitely thanking myself the other day for backing everything up, and you will too if you’re a student at Uni and your laptop just dies on you… Trust me!