Fashion Trends We Never Want to Return

Whether fashion is your thing or not, it dominates our society – always. What you wear tends to say a lot about who you are and how you choose to identify yourself; it is your form of presenting yourself to potential friends, colleagues, bosses, partners and acquaintances.


That said, fashion is temporary – what is classified as ‘cool’ one year is most certainly not cool the next, and what is classified as a ‘statement’ may very quickly become a daily go-to. The comings and goings of fashion are actually incredibly exciting; it keeps you on your toes (keeps you spending money) and allows you to design and re-design yourself as little or as often as you please.


IN SAYING THAT – there are a few fashion trends that we can’t help but cringe at the sight of, and despite the recycling of trend every decade or so, some (we say) should never return:

  1. Double Denim – please, no. As trendy as this may have been when Britney Spears and JT owned the red carpet in a matching-all-denim outfit, it wasn’t cute then, it isn’t cute now, and the only time it ever will be cute is as a costume to a badly-themed party.
  2. Shutter Shades – have you ever seen someone walking around in colorful plastic sunglasses with bars over the lenses and thought to yourself “what’s the point? You can’t even see?” – well, you’re right. There is no point. And as much joy as I get today out of reminding my twenty-two-year-old brother that he practically slept in this hilarious accessory as a tween, by no means do we need to see another generation tarnished by useless accessories.
  3. Crocs – I don’t even know if that can be classified a ‘trend’ because were they ever cool? I don’t think so. But seriously people need to stop walking around is bouncy, colorful rubber slippers with little pins of their favorite cartoon characters. We don’t need to know, and in fact, we shouldn’t.
  4. Popped collars – are you famous? Like, really, really famous? No? Okay, cool. So don’t do it!
  5. Sunglasses chains – look, I understand, they’re practical! You can hang your glasses around your neck without having to worry you’ll lose them – what’s not to love? Let’s put it nicely and say that never again do we want anyone to walk around with rubber or string or a chain around their neck attached to something that should not be hanging around someone’s neck in the first place…!
  6. Juicy Couture Sweats – matching, glittery, girly, in Like, really? Are you a cool mom or a regular mom, that’s the question here… (please be regular, it’s ironically a lot cooler, trust me).
  7. Saggy pants – this one is on the same level as the shutter shades, as far as I’m concerned. Answer me this; what’s the point in wearing pants, if we can see your entire butt hanging out. Why do you want that? In what way was that ever cool, someone, please help me out – clearly I’m missing something.