Household hacks you can try at home!

Organised Wires

We all have that horrific draw stuffed with all those wires you have accumulated over the last 10 years. Time for a change! Grab yourself a shoe box and fill it with standing toilet roll tubes. Separate your wires into different tubes to prevent tangles and improve organisation! (And throw away that old Nokia 3310 cable you’ve been hoarding since 2003.)

Coloured Keys

Tired of scrambling for your keys when you realise you’re late for that lecture? Colour code them with different nail varnish colours to enable a quick and efficient start to your day!

Wrapping Paper

There are birthdays coming up and your wrapping paper is unusable; it’s scratched, wrinkled, and just looking rather dull. Avoid that by getting yourself a toilet role tube and cutting it from bottom to top to use as a cuff on your wrapping paper roll, to prevent it from getting damaged!

Clean Blender

You haven’t washed your blender since you experimented with smoothies two months ago. Now it’s sticky and looking really grim; just fill it with hot water and washing up liquid, put the lid on, and let it blend for a few minutes. Pour out the contents and now you have a sparkly blender again!

DIY Duster

It’s a known fact that students don’t do a lot of cleaning and therefore most likely don’t own an actual duster – so if you have an old thermal, fluffy sock that probably lost it’s other half, use it as a duster as it is just as effective!