During Uni one thing I found, with quite a few of my friends, was how hard it was for them budget! You know the feeling, when you’ve gotten your loan and it feels like you’ve won the lottery for a day, or two, or three… But then after that you’ve still got like 11 weeks to go living on pretty much NOTHING.

I however knew if I did this it would cause me a lot of arguments with my parents, plus, there was NO way I would of survived if I did do this because I relied entirely on my loan and grant to pay for rent and living costs. So! Every 3 months I got a sum of money from student finance which would then be enough to last me the full 11-12 weeks (which I know I was incredibly lucky to have) but, I still had to budget so I could live and have enough weekly. This involved me sitting down and having a full on talk with myself explaining how I needed to be careful with my money and BUDGET.

I would then calculate how much I would have left once rent came out, then take the amount that was left and divided it by the amount of weeks I had till my next loan came in! And that was simply it! I then had a weekly amount and I knew I had to stick to that because I could live comfortably if I did. So budget! Work it out, sit down and have a strict talk with yourself. Everyone can budget, it’s just knowing how to be strict with yourself and your spending sprees. Especially with take aways, they were always a far too easy option for tea.. I even had to tell myself off on a few occasions, no matter how good I was with sticking to my budget.

But seriously, I’ll say it again, make sure you BUDGET.