The average Brit experiences a cringe worthy situation seven times a month. Top on the blush scale is meeting potential employers for the first time with 31% feeling most uncomfortable doing so.

With so much riding on the outcome of an interview including money, opportunity and success, it’s no wonder there are few things in life that are more nerve-wracking.

First impressions really do count so when we’re not worrying about overcoming a social error, we’re thinking about our appearance and hygiene as the research by CB12 First Class Breath also uncovered that over half admit to worrying about their body odour – 45% even said they were conscious about their breath.

With even the most confident person experiencing social anxiety at some point, we all need a little help getting through these situations looking and feeling great.

So to help conquer the interview jitters and take on any situation head on, we turn to the experts for advice on how to boost your confidence in this short video:

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