Since I graduated in July, I have been thinking about perhaps going back into Education! Like going back to do my Masters come September 2017, again in History of course, but doing a taught Masters where I basically expand on my 10,000 word Dissertation I wrote in 3rd year just gone but doing another 18,000 word dissertation ON TOP of that? So as you can guess, there have been many questions going through my head and I wanted to talk about them:

  1. Where would I consider doing this Masters for starters? I will 100% be reapplying to go back to Hull! Hull Uni showed to me how great of a Uni it was when I was there, I absolutely adored some of the lecturers due to their passions for their selected fields etc. They just proved to me I wasn’t the only person to feel so passionately about a subject and in all honesty they inspired me majority of the time! So Hull really would be my Number 1 choice.. That part was easy!
  2. Can I handle the stress/pressure again? In all honesty? As much as 3rd year drove me to insanity 95% of the time, yes, I think I honestly would be okay with it! I genuinely miss the constant stress and being busy.. Which is so odd and I didn’t realise how much I WOULD miss it. So yes, stress levels WILL rise of course, but I think I’m ready for it again.
  3. Funding? Funding is the one thing that is bugging me. I know I have to re-apply through student finance and I can apply for £10,000 just like any student wishing to do a masters can, but, this may not cover EVERYTHING when it comes to some Unis. Luckily I know Hull, right now at least is £5,200, with the advantage of a £1,000 deduction making it £4,200 over all due to having been a previous undergrad with the Uni itself! But, other Unis are not so cheap! So Scholarships, Local Council funding etc. are something I need to look over and into. It truly bugs me how money literally evolves around everything and it’s horrible that money alone can sometimes be the sole reason someone can not carry on with their education or at least like a few people I know who are having to take a few years out to save, work and fund it themselves with no help at all.
  4. Living Accommodation? This is then the final thing to stress over. I know the streets/places in Hull I would rather live or not live down, but, would you know in other places? Living situations and surroundings are key for work concentration and focus. So this is something that if I chose not to go to Hull would be researched to the max!

These currently are the main worries I’m having! They might be some of yours too! But, also make sure you’re choosing your masters course wisely also. I’m lucky enough to know where I want mine to go as I’m sticking with my degree itself, but, you can do a joint masters or a completely different one altogether, so just make sure you’re 100% clear on what course you really want to do. Email a lecturer or a course rep and find out your options, I have already and this is how I know I can stick to my chosen path!

So just consider it, would you really go back into Higher Education again or not? Let me know!