How to improve your chances of being accepted onto a finance-related Grad Scheme


Let’s face facts; students and aspiring graduates in the UK face significant challenges in the current economy. After all, tuition fees are likely to increase to £9,250 from autumn next year, while there are also reports that this hike could be applied to student’s who have already started their course of higher education.


This is just the beginning, however, as current students must also prepare for a tough job market where the number of young adults out of work remains disproportionately high. In this climate, even securing a place on a grad scheme can be exceptionally difficult, particularly in competitive markets such as finance.


How to improve your chances of securing a place on a finance-related grad scheme


With this in mind, here is some advice that will help you to secure a coveted place on a finance-related grad scheme: –


Start the Application Process Early


This is perhaps the most important piece of advice, and one that has been adhered to by the majority of students who successfully claim finance-related grad scheme placements. By starting the application process early and reaching out to potential employers proactively and in high volume, you can increase your chance of securing a placement ahead of competing candidates.


This also enables you to secure your immediately future in an organised and prompt manner, creating significant peace of mind and helping you to concentrate on your studies,


Familiarise yourself with Financial theory and Markets


The financial markets and services sector are incredibly competitive, particularly in a volatile job market where opportunities are sparse. You can greatly improve your chances of securing a grad placement by enhancing the value that you can offer as a candidate, primarily by building your knowledge base, researching financial theory and gaining practical experience of the fiscal marketplace.


This is easier to achieve than ever before in the current market, where online brokerage platforms such as ETX Capital offer users access to demo accounts. Featuring access to numerous individual markets, these accounts enable you to acquire knowledge and hone your financial strategy in a simulated, risk-free environment.


Reach out to University Career Services


On a final note, you should remember that you are not alone in your search to achieve a grad scheme placement. There are several resources available in the modern age, but university career service providers are particularly useful as they have direct knowledge of grad placements and a host of tools to help you fulfil your dreams.


These includes helpful features such as mock interviews and detailed resume sessions, alongside real-time grad placement vacancy listings. The latter is particularly important in a competitive market such as finance, where placements will emerge regularly but are likely to be claimed quickly by like-minded candidates.