We’re at that age where EVERYBODY has advice to share with us. It can be something as simple as what to eat so you don’t gain weight in your twenties, all the way to career advice. With all this advice flying left, right and center it’s hard to weed out the good from the bad but we are going to help you sort through this confusion right now!

First thing to note is that not all advice is good advice. Always keep that in mind because it can save you some trouble later in life so always put some deep thought into it before making any decisions.

Secondly, even though the advice may be good and coming from a genuine place, that doesn’t mean it’s meant for you. Many times individuals can give you all the guidance in the world but they may be leading you on a path that isn’t yours to take. For example, older folks tend to give the advice of “go to school and get a good job that can support a family.” This is great advice but it’s not a one size fit all. Many of us out there have big dreams of opening businesses and we know the chances of succeeding are usually low but that shouldn’t stop you from going after it. The point of this is, take advice with a grain of salt.

Lastly, all advice given doesn’t apply to your current situation. Many a time advice that you got years ago that didn’t mean anything to you then, can come in really handy presently. For instance, girls in my island home, Barbados, always hear “do ya school work and don’t mind no man.” You hear this from an extremely young age and it usually doesn’t make any sense when you first hear it but when you get to the age of liking boys and having boyfriends, you see why you were told this. You spend all your time wanting to be with the boyfriend and you neglect the important things such as school work, family, etc.

I hope this helped you guys to really be at ease when it comes to solicited or even unsolicited advice. Remember, advice is nothing more than guidance, it’s your choice whether you take it or not.