The transition between high school and college can be daunting; you’ll find that you will be forced to do a lot of growing up in college as you take back control of time management and your studying. So here at the SPG, we have put together a list of funny differences between high school and college to help calm your nerves!

  1. High school: There are strict uniform guidelines that must be followed.
    College: There’s probably someone in your class wearing a onesie who has come straight from a 3 night                          bender.
  2.  High school: Eating is restricted to break and lunch times – no exceptions.
    College: You can often get away with picking up a Chinese takeaway on your way to class.
  3. High school: The day started at 9am sharp and finished at 3:30pm.
    College: Some days you only have one lesson at 2:30pm and you don’t even go because you completely                          forget.
  4. High school: The teacher says “Where are you all going? We still have 3 minutes left of the lesson!”
    College: The teacher says: “We still have 20 minutes left but I have nothing left to say, so bugger off.”
  5. High school: The library is forgotten grounds.
    College: You practically live in the library.
  6. High school: It is mandatory that you are there all day, everyday.
    College: Attendance is just strongly suggested.
  7. High school: The dinner ladies are intimidating.
    College: The dinner ladies are your best mates.
  8. High school: Swearing is frowned upon.
    College: The teachers swear more than you.
Written by Chloe Gascoigne