College, School and University are all about time management – the overwhelming amounts of assignments, interviews, internships, social events and who even know what else can be stressful. Correction: IS stressful. Our minds are overloaded with so many dates and to-do’s that half of the time smaller things slip under the radar, with the occasional massive deadline passing by unnoticed.

I’m a big believer in planners – I enjoy having something that will keep everything in some kind of orderly fashion, allowing my mind to relax and not cling to every detail for a fear of forgetting information indefinitely. However, any old planner won’t do the trick. There’s more to staying on top of your work and schedule than simply writing down everything you need to know, and a good planner will structure your page to prompt details, events and moments that you should or want to record.

Thus, here are (my personal) top 5 planners to invest in this academic year –

  1. Day Designer
  2. Emily Ley
  3. Lilly Pulitzer
  4. Bloom Daily Planners
  5. Erin Condren

Some of these planners may seem a little pricey, especially if agendas and organisation haven’t really been your ‘thing’ growing up, however it’s important to look at these as an investment: the money will pay off as your use for the planner increases, and the trade of money for a less stressful life is definitely worth it! But don’t forget – the planner isn’t magic. You have to actually use it actively, and tick off the things you write down!