Things You Could Buy with your College Textbooks

Textbooks in College and University are outright expensive – if you thought paying your fees and investing in a good-quality computer was enough to get you through your undergraduate degree, you were wrong. In fact, the average college student spends £920 annually on textbooks alone.


What else could you buy with that kind of money, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you: a lot.


  1. Around 3 new Apple Watches
  2. 150 months of your Netflix subscription
  3. 1 VIP Coachella ticket, AND 1 General Admission Coachella Ticket
  4. A return flight from Heathrow Airport to Sydney
  5. 6 night stay in a private villa in Bali
  6. 289 Large Lattes from Starbucks
  7. 1,200 packets of Oreos (1 pound per packet of 14) = 16,800 Oreos
  8. 6 Hot Air Balloon Rides
  9. 5 Classic Hermes Bangles
  10. 600 blocks of Lindt Milk Chocolate


Feeling broke yet?

Don’t worry – I’m sure your degree is more enjoyable that 16,800 Oreos…..