When you’re in a relationship with someone you love, why does it seem to bring that really unattractive side of you out? Truth is, you’re just insanely comfortable with eachother – and that’s great! People in long term relationships will know that there are some pretty weird things we do in a relationship we’re comfortable with. Let’s explore them…

  1. Weird noises: you and your partner, for unknown reasons, make weird noises at eachother. Whether it’s a form of communication between you, or you’re just keeping yourselves occupied. It’s not even funny, you just do it.
  2. Privacy doesn’t exist: Normal people lock the bathroom door, but you two don’t. While you’re taking a shower the other is doing their business on the toilet telling you about their day at work. And it doesn’t even slightly bother you.
  3. Consensual abuse: You both really pick on eachother and sometimes, it does actually annoy you. Most of the time it’s playful banter like punching them in the arm as you walk by or sticking your tongue up their nose when they’re asleep… Super weird, but perfectly normal to you.
  4. Bodily malfunctions: When you started dating, the idea of farting or burping infront of your partners was mortifying and you wouldn’t have dreamed of it. But now, burps and farts are highly amusing between the two of you and go without apology.
  5. Bodily growths: You’re totally comfortable with inspecting eachother’s weird ingrown hairs, spots, moles, and growths. It’s not even gross to you anymore.
  6. Surfing the web: You both lie in the same room, double-chinned, staring down at your phone in silence while scrolling through your Facebook feed. You snort occasionally and show the other a funny meme you just found. Then back to silent scrolling it is.
  7. Morning breath: It doesn’t bother you anymore, infact, you don’t even notice it.
  8. Facial expressions: In social situations, you and your partner communicate purely through facial expressions when something needs to be said that can’t be said aloud; you guys are practically telepathically connected.