Tips For Your First Serious Relationship

Whoever said, “Relationships need work if you want to be happy” is a liar; if you’re in a long term relationship with someone you are desperately in love with, everything comes naturally. But sometimes, in new serious relationships, the intensity of your new-found emotions can get the better of you; resulting in unnecessary, pointless arguments. So, here are some tips for keeping your emotions in check and your new relationship under control:

  1. Spend time with your friends. In the beginning, when you’re completely obsessed with eachother, remember your friends are still important. As your friends, they will understand that you have a new obsession with someone’s face but you need to give yourself the occasional break and spend time with other important people in your life
  2. Don’t argue over the silly things. So what they left their pants on the floor, it’s nothing compared to what they could do to irritate you. Let the little things go and learn to embrace their habits. Of course it’s okay to simply ask them to pick them up or to remember to put them in the wash bin, but don’t go screaming and throwing stuff at them…
  3. Go on dates! It’s amazing how many people forget to do this. Dates can be really fun and make you appreciate eachother’s company. You’re bound to get under eachother’s feet if you’re stuck at home 24/7. Go out for a meal, go to an amusement park, or go to the beach?
  4. Get friendly with their friends. Whoever you’re dating, you’re practically dating their friends too. They will talk to their friends about you and they will know more details about your relationship than you realise. The same goes for your friends too! There’s nothing worse than disliking your partner’s friends; it can make things really uncomfortable…
  5. Apologise! It can be really hard to admit to being in the wrong (trust me, I know). But if you don’t get used to apologising, old arguments can boil back up overtime.
  6. Compliments. Getting told you look great can brighten anyone’s day! Making your partner feel good will make them really appreciate you, and you’ll feel good for making them feel good!
  7. Make an effort with their family. It will mean the world to them, especially if they are a very family orientated person. There’s no better feeling than being best mates with their brother/sister; it will really warm your partner’s heart to see it.