I have previously rescued the most loving dog and cat so I wanted to do a post to encourage others to consider a rescue when buying a pet.

I wrote a separate post about my dog which you can read here. My cat came from London Persian Rescue and she’s a Persian/Exotic cross named Wendy (short for Wednesday). She’s very weird but full of character and literally the most loving creature I’ve ever come across!

5 reasons to save an animalHere are some reasons why YOU should rescue an animal…

1 Giving an old/unwanted pet a second chance for a lovely home

A couple of weeks after I rescued my dog we took him to the vet for a check up and his progress was already noticeable. The vet said it’s amazing how much a good diet, a nice bed and a little friend can do (we had another little dog as well). It doesn’t take much for an animal to be super happy; and they’re very thankful for it!

2 Rewarding and fulfilling to see their improvement

It’s incredible to see how quickly they adjust as they gain health and happiness. The fact that YOU helped create that makes warm fuzzies!

3 The rescue centres are very full and rely on donations

Due to backyard breeders, unnecessary and accidental litters we are over run with pets! If you are considering a pet, check your rescue centres first to see if they have a suitable animal for you. Not everyone realises how much hard work a dog is, which is why so many end up in rescues. If you do get a pet, be sure to neuter it to avoid adding to the problem.

4 Pets can help with loneliness and depression

Pets, especially dogs make brilliant companions. I can say full sentences to my dog now and she fully understands, it’s like having a little child, haha! They also get you up in the morning and out for a walk; a great way to start the day.

5 It can persuade others to rescue a pet!

Seeing rescue success stories can encourage other people to rescue which helps out the centres and animals alike. The more pets in happy homes, the better!

cat 3There are all sorts of animals in rescue centres, not just dogs and cats so make sure to check them out. If you’d like a dog but are worried about a long term commitment, go for an older one. A lot of senior dogs don’t get re-homed because of their age which is such a shame. Providing a great retirement home for one is the best thing you could do!

Have you ever rescued a pet?

-Article and Photographs by Effi Summers