Piercing Pain

Feeling a little rebellious? Fancy trying a new look? Why not get a funky new piercing? Of course, there are many things to take into consideration when getting a piercing – but the main one on our minds is, “How much is it gonna hurt?” Well…

  1. Ear lobes: Undoubtedly the most common type of piercing in the UK – probably because its’s one of the least painful. Infants can legally get their lobes pierced with parental consent! The piercing process itself is described as a small sting which lasts seconds. 2/10
  2. Navel: Belly button piercings are incredibly popular, especially among women. Not the most painful piercing; I would describe it as a hard pinch that lasts, again, only a couple seconds. The healing process can be more problematic than the actual piercing process. 4/10
  3. Lip: There are multiple types of lip piercing but, regardless, the pain experienced is all the same. The pain is described as a small pinch. 3/10
  4. Nose: Depending on what part of your nose you get pierced, the pain differs. Nostril piercings are pretty popular and aren’t too painful but more so than lip and ears 5/10. However, septum piercings are on another level; a seriously sensitive area of your snout and can be incredibly painful (I would know from personal experiences RIP me.) Although the levels of pain seem to vary from person to person, I personally rate it 9/10.
  5. Eyebrow: Pretty tame this one, although through a relatively thick bit of skin, it’s described as a strong pinch/pressure. 4/10
  6. Tongue: This one makes people cringe, but contrary to popular belief, the tongue is not a particularly painful piercing. Although the swelling afterwards can be an annoyance, and so is the soup and mash potato diet. 4/10
  7. Nips: Nipple piercings, for obvious reasons, are going to pretty damn painful. A sharp sting followed by pressure and burning that may last for a couple minutes; but nothing completely unbearable. 7/10
  8. Other Ear Parts: Piercings such as conch, industrial, rook, and helix are all funky piercings around and just on the inside of your ears. These are particularly painful simply because it’s all cartilage. 5/10
     9. Smiley: This is a piercing through that little webby bit of skin infront of your top set of teeth. Sounds like an odd piercing, but it looks damn cool. From personal experience, this is one of the least painful piercings because of how thin the tissue is. 2/10
    10. Downstairs: Do I need to explain why these ones are going to hurt? There’s more nerve endings down there than anywhere else on your body. 10/10