The Struggles of Being Short

For all you guys below 5″5…we’re here for you!

  1. You get really tired of face planting peoples’ boobs when you hug them (or, you might really enjoy it.)
  2. Food/grocery shopping gets super embarrassing when you have to ask strangers to grab something off the top shelf for you.
  3. Buying jeans makes you want to cry. You’re used to buying regular length and then rolling the bottoms up – or even trimming them off.
  4. Walking with anyone over six foot is a major work-out; one of their strides is roughly two of yours.
  5. You can just about breathe in the 5ft area of pool; your nose is basically just above the water.
  6. You have to sit ridiculously close to the wheel while driving just so your feet can reach the pedals.
  7. You probably have to climb your kitchen worktops so you can get some cereal.
  8. You always have a sore neck from looking up at tall people.
  9. You’re referred to as being “cute” at least once everyday; and it’s only because you’re the perfect height for people to lean on.
  10. People think it’s hilarious when you’re angry because no one can take an angry dwarfed person seriously.
  11. You’re ID’d every time you go out.
  12. You get cramp in your feet more than people of normal height because you spend 78% of your life on tiptoes.
  13. You fear for your future children; you pray, for their sake, they don’t inherit your height.
  14. You have silent hatred for anyone else in your family who could’ve passed on the short gene to you.
  15. Concerts can be miserable when all you can see is the back of someone’s head.