We had a chat with singer/songwriter, Frank Hamilton, about his most recent album, touring, and his plans for the future…

What/who inspired you to become a musician? Where did your passion for music come from?

I used to sing along to anything in the back of my folks old Volvo, but I guess the moment it all changed was when I heard a Blink 182 song that spoke directly to me about my life. Her name was Sarah and I was 15. The lyric was: “Sometimes I sit at home and wonder if she’s sitting at home and thinking of me and wondering if I’m sitting at home and thinking about her, or am i just wasting my time?”.

What is a typical week like for you at the moment?

The word ‘typical’ doesn’t really exist! Last week I was making live videos and gearing up for the album to be released in stores. This week I’m sat on my couch in a dressing gown at 1pm, answering interview questions. The only real constant is that there’s always something you could or should be doing – my brain doesn’t ever really switch off.

What personal attributes are most important to being successful in the music industry?

Everyone’s different, but for me self-belief and tenacity have been key. Also maintaining a good work/life balance, which is easier said than done! Forsaking food, sleep, family and friends in pursuit of a music career is so easy to do, but in a world of rollercoaster peaks and troughs those constants are really, really important.

Your #OneSongAWeek project was very successful! What made you do it?

Honestly? A mixture of confidence, stubbornness and desperation! I didn’t really think it through much, (I had the idea on January 2nd and the first song came out of January 6th), so it wasn’t until about week 30 that I realised it was actually a good idea!

How would you describe your most recent album?

Well I made the thing so I’m the worst person to ask! I guess my favourite description so far is ‘a self-help guide masquerading as an indie-pop record‘.  I think the songs are lyrical and folky, but the aesthetic is quite different – with drum machines, electric guitars and stylophones.

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

As amazing as #OneSongaWeek, The London Eye EP and whatever else have been, I think the thing I’m most proud of is not throwing in the towel and getting a ‘proper’ job!  It’s an inescapable fact that I could be making a lot more money doing something else with my life, and while it’s never about the money, the security it brings is kind of important to ones sanity…

What do you love most about touring?

Not having to think for myself or make too many decisions! Life is super easy when you know what time breakfast finishes, when to be out the hotel by and what time soundcheck starts.

What are your plans for the future?

To be happy (most of, not just some of the time!) and to enjoy this rollercoaster we call life. Also, album 3.

What advice would you give to any aspiring musicians?

Be yourself, work hard… and remember that signing a major record deal isn’t the be all and end all 🙂 It’s still touted as the thing we’re all reaching for but given their actual success rate, I find that absurd!