Halloween Party Games

It’s coming up to that time again! Halloween 2016 is almost upon us! Why not try out some of these whacky games to really get into the spooky spirit! (See what I did there?)

  1. Apple Bobbing – A classic! Simply full up a barrel or large container with ice cold water and then throw in some apples. Have people try and pick up an apple using only their mouth! To make things more interesting… why not let potatoes sink to the bottom of the container? Bonus points for anyone that can bite onto those! Warning; you’ll probably dribble. A lot.
  2. Blind Items – Raid your kitchen for some gooey, squishy items and then hide them in covered boxes with hand holes. Have people stick their hands in, grope, and guess what the item is! Cooked spaghetti would be a good one…
  3. Mummy Wrap – It’s quite simple, and probably completely hilarious if you’re drunk. Get into two teams (or 3, or even 4!) And nominate one person in your team to be the mummy. Using toilet roll, you have a limited time to wrap them up like a mummy and the best looking mummy wins!
  4. Witches Hat – More of a drinking game, but place a witches hat on the top corner of your television and watch a scary movie. Everytime a character on screen appears to be “wearing” the hat, take a shot!
  5. Marsh Mellow Bobbing – Using pieces of string, tie marsh mellows hanging from the ceiling. Have people retrieve the marsh mellow using only their mouth!